Maybe it was the first time you played her your favorite Ramones song in the car and saw those chubby arms and legs waving around to the beat in your rear view. Or even earlier, when you were watching West Side Story and could feel him there, rolling and rippling in utero, when they did “Mambo”. 

It was the moment you realized that music is as naturally captivating and essential to tiny humans as a familiar voice or a loving touch. All babies come standard with a built-in ability to groove, get down and bliss out, but kids that are given the opportunity to take it further reap myriad rewards. 

The highly-skilled, energetic instructors at ASA Music know just how to creatively engage young students and nurture skills that will serve them richly, not only in an educational setting, but throughout their lives.  

ASA’s Preschool Music Lessons can help kids: 

  • Develop large muscle control and coordination 
  • Increase vocal range 
  • Boost confidence 
  • Improve critical thinking skills and raise IQ 
  • Cultivate social skills 
  • Broaden cultural horizons 
  • Delight parents’ friends at parties 
  • Have fun!!!

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