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ASA Music offers many options when it comes to learning to play the piano. We can teach everything from classical piano to how to just play chords and sit in with a band - whether a church band, rock band or jazz, we’ve got you covered.

Some piano teachers simply teach classical scales and music reading and never learn how to apply music theory. ASA Music tailors your learning experience to your goals. We can teach scales and technique or just how to listen to your favorite song on the radio and figure out how to play it on your own. Depending on your interests we can teach you to perform solo or as an accompaniment.

ASA Music gives our students performance opportunities that you can’t get elsewhere.  Performance is key to learning in order to build confidence. Students learn how to listen and perform with other musicians. They learn to play in front of people - whether it’s for the family at holidays or on stage with $100,000 of lights and sound equipment at our summer Rock Camp.





Enroll Today & Get 2 For 1!

About Our Piano Instructors

Our instructors are classically trained pianists and are also active in local bands and churches. They are well versed in a variety of styles. They are experienced working with students of any level and aim to relate to the student’s specific goals.



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