At ASA Music we provide drum lessons that cover all types of percussion instruments in all music styles, including classical, rock, jazz, swing, and blues, to name a few. We teach how to read music or just how to play by ear.

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ASA Music has taught more drum students than any other private music school in the area.

Want to play in a jazz band or maybe a rock band? Our instructors can teach you how to play a drum set.

Are you in marching band or a drum line?  Or want to be? We cover snare drum, bass drum and tenors, to name a few.

Whether you want to learn set to play in a band or learn fundamentals, rudiments, read music to play in middle school, or prep to make the high school or college marching band, we can help you achieve your goals.





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We want you to have a first hand, real experience and that’s why we teach on real drums, not electronic pads.

Playing the “real thing” not only feels better but sounds better. And it’s just common sense that you learn on a real instrument, not an electronically simulated machine.

ASA Music gives our students performance opportunities that you can’t get elsewhere.  Performance is key to learning in order to build confidence. Students learn how to listen and perform with other musicians. They learn to play in front of people - whether it’s for the family at holidays or on stage with $100,000 of lights and sound equipment at our summer Rock Camp.

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About Our Drum Instructors

Most of our drum instructors have not only attended the University of Louisiana, but they have taught in several capacities. From teaching their private lessons to teaching their drumset students and drumline, they cover it all. In fact, our head drum instructor teaches the ULL drumline and is on the Board of Directors for Louisiana's only drum and bugle corps - The Louisiana Stars.  Our drum instructors have recorded many albums and toured the world with various artists.

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