ASA’s Rock Camp is the biggest rock camp in the South, but not just because of the sheer numbers of kids who attend. Rather, it’s our one-of-a-kind, industry recognized format that makes our camp truly ‘big’. See, we don’t just put instructors with small groups and teach them simple song arrangements. At ASA Music Rock Camp, we shoot to thrill.

Kids who attend ASA Music’s Rock Camp get the singular experience of being in a rock orchestra. We’re talking supergroups of 20-30 kids on stage performing full arrangements of the greatest rock and pop songs ever written. Not to mention the standing-room-only audience of 700 screaming fans and the over $100,000 worth of sound, light and video equipment.  Whether you’re a camper or a fan, come ready to be amazed.

ASA Music’s Rock Camp is the performance experience of a lifetime. But even more than that, it’s a place to make friends, meet other musicians, learn what goes into developing a stage performance and create memories that no one can take away. 

ASA Music Rock Camp 2018, the Biggest, Baddest Rock Camp in Lafayette, LA.