"The world's top academic countries place a high value on music education. Hungary, Netherlands and Japan have required music training at the elementary and middle school levels, both instrumental and vocal, for several decades."

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Do you spend hours each week driving around Lafayette between music lessons and/or dance classes? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your family could take their lessons and classes at the same time, in the same location, while you relaxed or maybe even took a lesson yourself?

ASA is the ONLY place in Acadiana that offers both Music and Dance in one, convenient location.


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Music & Dance: The Perfect Pairing


Music and dance have gone hand in hand throughout history. Unfortunately, schools often isolate the art forms and teach only one or the other. Not anymore . . .


Acadiana School of the Arts now offers music lessons and dance classes in a single, convenient location. With ASA, you get:

  • Private music lessons for piano, drums, guitar, bass, brass, keyboard, woodwinds, violin, Cajun fiddle, and accordion
  • Dance classes for ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tumbling, jumps and turns, and special needs
  • Goal-oriented instruction from degreed musicians who are also experienced performers
  • Unparalleled performance opportunities through bands, recitals, and camps


Ultimate Convenience


At ASA, you can schedule all of your family’s music lessons and dance classes at one location, in simultaneous time slots. For example, you could have four family members taking four different lessons at the same time! Take advantage of this type of scheduling to fit siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents all within a time frame that works best for you. With less time spent driving between lessons and classes, your family will have more time for other activities, more time at home together, and less time spent in waiting areas.


“I’ve always wanted to play an instrument or learn how to dance, but . . .”


It’s never too late! ASA offers music lessons and dance classes for all ages. Most students start with ASA as complete beginners, and our instructors can help you develop and achieve your goals no matter what your age or experience level. And remember, music and dance can improve your overall health, stress levels, memory, concentration, and many other areas of your life.


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